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Documents for an individual: Parent’s passport, Parent’s TIN , Child’s/children’s birth certificate(s)
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The following data are required: a person with whom a child goes abroad (full name and date of birth), travel duration, purpose of travel, destination (country).

Taking a child abroad

Each country has legislative levers to limit travelling abroad for its citizens. The state is especially attentive to travelling of children. In Ukraine, a minor child can go abroad only accompanied by adults. Although there are limitations. Without additional documents, children can leave Ukraine only with both parents.

The situation is different when one parent or accompanying person goes abroad with a girl or boy. In this case, a statement is drawn up authorizing the departure of the minor.

What is a permission for taking a child abroad?

For a child to freely travel outside the country, it is necessary to apply for a permission for a child to go abroad. This document presents a statement from one or two parents, depending on who the children are traveling with. According to the law, if a mother travels with her daughter or son alone, the father gives his consent to this trip. The consent should be written by a parent and certified by a notary.

If a schoolchild goes to a children's camp, on a sightseeing trip or to academic or sports competitions with a teacher, coach, travel agency representative, except for his/her foreign passport, consents to take the child abroad is prepared by both parents. In this consent, mom and dad agree that the son or daughter will go abroad for a specified period, accompanied by another person.

A similar document should be executed for relatives. With the consent, a child can travel with his grandmother, aunt, major brother or sister. Any degree of kinship, except the first, does not give a child the right to go abroad freely.

This is common in many countries of the world and is considered natural. It prevents the illicit transfer of children, against their will. The procedure protects parents’ rights and also makes travel safe for a child.

How to execute a consent to take children abroad from Ukraine?

A consent is prepared by one or two parents, depending on the situation. If it’s a mother who goes abroad, a father draws up the document and vice versa. If a schoolchild goes on a trip with a third party, 2 parents make a joint consent. One permission for taking a child abroad is valid for one trip. For the next trip you’ll have to issue a new one. In individual cases, consents may give permission for several trips.

The 2 parents write a common consent. If mom and dad are in different cities or cannot prepare a consent together for some reason, each of them prepare two documents. The paper is presented at the border control service. Sometimes such permission is requested for a visa. If this is the reason, we recommend making two copies of the consent. Consulates often do not return certificates and other documents.

Consent to take a child abroad from Ukraine is only necessary for children with Ukrainian citizenship. If the minor is another state national, the document does not have to be executed. The laws of his/her country are applied to the child.

How can I get a notarial consent to take a child abroad?

The consent is valid if drawn up by a notary. The stamp and signature of a notary are put on the paper. This is how notary authenticates that parents’ signatures are the same as the signatures in their documents. Such a permission for a child to leave Ukraine is effective from the date specified in this application.

To draw up a document for two or one parent, depending on who the child is traveling abroad with, you should turn to a notary public. Legislation does not limit the choice of a notary office. Mom and dad can use the services of both a public or private specialist, turn to a notary whose office is closer to their work or home. The choice does not affect the procedure execution.

The consent indicates the destination, countries, dates of travel. The procedure takes a minimum of time. In the presence of all documents and transparency of execution, the service will take no more than 30 minutes.

We recommend that you contact the notary office by phone to get answers to all your questions. The consultation will help you to properly prepare for your visit to the notary and make the consent to take a child abroad execution successful. Please note that the notary is not responsible for your choice of an accompanying person and the data specified in your consent. A notary is responsible for matching signatures. Only parents are responsible for the consent.

Price of notarial consent to take a child abroad

The service cost is determined by the notary. There is a price list setting the services rates at every notary's office. Prices may increase depending on the complexity of execution. Some documents require a notarized translation. To clarify the details of a service, its complexity and price, please call the notary office.

The notary’s task is to authenticate the signatures. The notarial document becomes valid for state authorities; it gives a child the right to travel with relatives or accompanying persons. If a mother and a father prepare separate statements, the price increases 2 times.

You can learn how to prepare documents for submission to the border control services, consular departments, at a consultation with a notary in Kyiv. The specialists of our office will help you over the phone or in the office. A notary will get acquainted with the documents. If necessary, a notarized copy to be submitted to some authority can be performed.

Parents should understand that filling out an application is an important procedure that protects the rights of a child, a mother and a father. Until the age of 16, children only go abroad accompanied by adults.

The validity of the consent to take a child abroad (Ukraine) is determined individually. In most cases, this period is determined by the end date of the trip. This is a reminder that to leave the country, a minor needs his/her own international passport. The consent does not entitle you to travel to other states without official documents.


Which countries do not need the other Parent's consent to a child’s leave abroad?

According to the legislation of Ukraine, if both parents and the child are citizens of Ukraine, when the child leaves the country with one of the parents or with an accompanying person, it is necessary to obtain a Parent's consent to leave. However, there are exceptions. Contact us for a free consultation, during which you will learn about the required documents and the price of notary services. You can find out all the details by phone: +38 (044) 500-74-74

At what age the Parent's consent to a child’s leave abroad is not required anymore?

Children over the age of 16 can travel without parental permission.

What documents are required for the Parent's consent to a child’s leave abroad?

Parents provide the notary with a passport, TIN, as well as a child's birth certificate. If you need the consent from only one parent, then only his presence and documents are enough.

How much does the Parent's consent to a child’s leave abroad cost?

The cost of drawing up a Parent’s consent to a child’s leave abroad depends on the configuration of the document (the validity period of the consent, the need for translation into a foreign language, the number of signatories – one or both of the parents). Contact us for a free consultation, during which you will learn about the required documents and the price of notary services. You can find out all the details by phone:+38 (044) 500-74-74

How long does it take to execute the Parent's consent to a child’s leave abroad?

The procedure for obtaining the Parent's consent to a child’s leave abroad takes about 20-30 minutes. The notary verifies the parents’ identities, their legal capacity, as well as the authenticity of the documents provided. An application is filled out indicating the country and the duration of the trip. The personal presence of the parent (s) who gives the consent to a child’s leave abroad at the notary’s office in Kyiv is obligatory.

How long is the Parent's consent to a child’s leave abroad valid?

The validity period of the Parent's consent to a child’s leave abroad is agreed and determined individually. As a rule, the application indicates the country of destination and the dates of a specific trip. It is exactly what determines the validity period of the notarial document.


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