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We provide all types of notarial services!

The purchase of real estate or a car, accession to the heirship or the execution of a power of attorney is not a complete list of services for which people turn to a notary’s office. The purpose of notarial services is the legal attestation of facts, processes, and signatures. In this case, transactions, accession to the heirship, authorization of someone to perform certain actions, and attestation of facts are carried out officially and gain legal force.

A notary in Ukraine is a specialist mandated by the state that performs notarial procedures provided for by law. A private notary has the same powers as a notary public. The choice of a specialist is up to you and, in some cases, depends on territory. All the notaries provide the same services to the public.

How much are the notary services?

Notary services are paid. Tariffs are regulated by duties and fees, including charges for the provision of services by notaries themselves. Often, different specialists’ prices do not differ much.

The price of notarial services in Kyiv depends on the service kind. You can clarify the service prices at a consultation in a notary's office or by phone.

What documents do I need to have with me when going to a notary public?

You can specify the list of documents by phone in advance. This will expedite the procedure and save some of your time. The main documents for providing notarial services to individuals are the passport and TIN originals.

Depending on the service provided, other documents can often be required. The list of documents depends on the type of service.

The main notarial services in Kyiv

The most requested services:

  • • Will. A person can make an unlimited number of wills with or without a description of the property that he/she is going to bequeath, and indicate an unlimited number of heirs.
  • • Attestation of contracts. People turn to a notary to certify purchase/sale, gift, or loan agreements, marriage contracts, etc.
  • • Power of attorney. The grantor gives the other person the authority to perform specific actions. Powers of attorney are issued both by and for individuals and by and for legal entities.
  • • Certification of applications and acknowledgment of the clients’ documents ownership. This service can be performed in the form of a statement (without attachments) or affidavit when the facts specified by the client are confirmed by certain documents.
  • • Certified translation. It is in demand both among Ukrainians and foreigners. The service is relevant when it is necessary to submit a document issued in a foreign state to the official authorities.
  • • Notarized copies of documents. People turn to a notary public for this service when it is necessary to keep the original while submitting copies to educational institutions, government agencies, or an employer.

People turn to a notary when they need to come into an inheritance, when they collect documents for leaving abroad, set up their own business, and solve problems with real estate and other property. The notary gives advice as for the preparation of documents, establishing facts and solving other notarial issues.

In Kyiv, you can turn to the notary Yevheniia Anatoliivna Averina for any notarial service. Her office is located in the city centre – Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station. The notary will provide all types of services, from the preparation of applications to the formation of an apartment sale/purchase agreement.