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We provide all types of notarial services!

    • Power of attorney for a sale
    • Power of attorney for a motor vehicle
    • General power of attorney for a motor vehicle
    • Power of attorney for an apartment
    • Power of attorney for management of a bank account
    • Power of attorney for use of a bank safety deposit box
    • Power of attorney for receipt of money
    • Power of attorney for representation of interests before the Deposit Insurance Fund
    • Formalisation of an inheritance
    • Formalisation of an inheritance in Ukraine
    • How to formalise an inheritance
    • Cost of formalisation of an inheritance
    • Terms for coming into an inheritance
    • Documents for an inheritance
    • Statement of an inheritance
    • Statement of an inheritance right
    • Coming into an inheritance
    • Waiver of an inheritance
    • Default of a term for acceptance of an inheritance
    • Certificate of an inheritance
    • Inheritance according to a last will and testament
    • Formalisation of a last will and testament
    • Notarisation of last wills and testaments
    • Registration of realty and titles
    • Extract from the Register of Realty Titles
    • Extract from the Register
    • Bank signature cards
    • Signature on articles of association
    • Signature on minutes
    • Signatures on other documents, statements
    • Translation of documents
    • Certification of a translator’s signature
    • Notarised translation
    • Apostilisation of documents
    • Legalisation of documents with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Legalisation with consular agencies
    • Agreement for rent of a motor vehicle
    • Agreement for purchase and sale of a motor vehicle
    • Mortgage agreement
    • Pledge agreement
    • Loan agreement
    • Child’s departure abroad (for permanent residence)
    • Permits for a child’s departure
    • Statement of a child's departure abroad
    • Permit for execution of a child’s international passport
    • Affidavit
    • Certificate of marital status
    • Statement of financing a trip abroad
    • Letter of financial support
    • Invitation of a foreign citizen to Ukraine
    • Spouse’s consent to selling/purchasing realty
    • Permit for registration of other persons at one’s own apartment/house
    • Statement of acceptance of an inheritance
    • Statement of waiver of an inheritance



Notary of Kyiv Open to You

Helping People Represents Goal of Our Notarial Activities

From time to time, we all need notarial assistance, for instance, to notarise copies of documents, to issue powers of attorney, various statements, permits for a child’s departure abroad, to purchase an apartment, to formalise an inheritance… and just to get a consultation.

The notarial office of Yevgeniya Averina is situated in the centre of Kyiv and provides all range of notarial services; therefore, you can always apply for a consultation and assistance on any issue you are interested in. The employees of the notarial office of Yevgeniya Averina will always listen to you, give a consultation, help, and treat you with all care and intelligence.

Our major goal is to provide you with qualified notarial assistance. We are ready to help people on the basis of our experience, knowledge, transparency and professionalism.

Yevgeniya Averina, Notary of Kyiv

The notary’s activities are based on the labour experience gained during years of employment with a public notarial office, due to the private notarial practice and the continuous advanced training. Besides, Yevgeniya Averina, a notary of Kyiv, is a qualified English translator, which helps her to render notarial services to foreign English-speaking citizens.

Transparency, professionalism and industry provide the notary of Kyiv with a possibility to assist people even in most difficult situations.

Notarial Office Team

To render assistance to people, we have managed to arrange the notarial office staff operation in an optimal manner. The notarial office team consists of qualified specialists. Each employee of the notarial office has proper working experience and is specialised in certain areas of services and consultations, such as formalisation of an inheritance, notarisation of agreements, contractual relations between spouses etc. You can always get our highly qualified consultation and necessary notarial service..

We guarantee professionalism, confidentiality, promptness, benevolence, attention and understanding to our clients. We value our clients and appreciate each of them!

Open to you; always glad to see you!
Yevgeniya Averina, Notary of Kyiv


from Yevgeniya Averina, Notary of Kyiv

Can I get your consultation? How much does it cost?

Question from: Yuliia
Answer from: Yevgeniya Averina
Date of the question: 28.10.2015
Date of the answer: 28.10.2015

We are always glad to help you! Visit our notarial office. Our consultations are absolutely free-of-charge!

Are you open on days off?

Question from: Oleksandr
Answer from: Yevgeniya Averina
Date of the question: 01.10.2015
Date of the answer: 01.10.2015

We are open to you every Saturday, 10.00 to 16.00; on Sundays, we can accept visitors if they arrange a meeting with the notary beforehand.

Could you tell me which the best way to get to your office is?

Question from: Oksana Yesaulova
Answer from: Yevgeniya Averina
Date of the question: 15.09.2015
Date of the answer: 15.09.2015

We are situated 100 metres from Maidan Nezalezhnosti. You only need to pass three buildings walking along Tarasa Shevchenka Lane, which starts between a McDonalds and the Crimea Café, until you reach the Senator Hotel. To the left of the Senator Hotel, you will see a signboard “Notary”, just above the entrance to our office! In case you lose your way, you can call us and our employees will show you the way!


Yevgeniya Anatoliivna Averina

Certificate of the right to carry out notarial activities No. 8829

All types of notarial services!

consult ico

renders consultations

english talk ico

is an English-speaking notary
(English-speaking Notary in Kiev)

offise in centre ico

is situated in the centre of Kyiv


works on Saturdays

My goal is to assist people in a professional manner.
Please, address to me at any time convenient to you.
I am always glad to help you and open to you!

Sincerely Yours, Yevgeniya Averina



+38 (044) 500-74-74
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  • +38 (096) 353-74-74
  • +38 (063) 424-74-74


7/1 Tarasa Shevchenka Lane
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For your navigator: 7/1 Malopidvalna St.


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