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We provide all types of notarial services!


  • Registration of realty and titles
  • Extract from the Register of Realty Titles
  • Extract from the Register
  • Apostilisation of documents
  • Legalisation of documents with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Legalisation with consular agencies

Every person in his life is faced with paperwork, concluding contracts, getting certificates and other official papers. Sometimes certification by the signature and seal of a notary is necessary. In this situation, a person turns to a notary.

What functions does a notary public perform in Kyiv?

The main task of a notary public is verification of facts. The notary sees for legalization of the signatures on the document, the accuracy of the copies, verifies the specified data for full compliance. This specialist has no authority. Kyiv notary acts as a witness, an impartial person. The notary main function is fixing the presence or absence of a certain fact. Please note that in case of disputes or provision of incorrect data in the documents, the notary refuses to certify them.

The word “notarius” is of Latin origin and means a clerk, a secretary. These days, it has acquired a slightly different meaning. Nowadays, a notary public is a lawyer.

The lawyer acts in accordance with the law of Ukraine, taking into account legal regulations.

Why do they turn to a notary public in Kyiv?

Turning to a notary helps to avoid further disputes regarding verification of facts, the presence or absence of rights, and obligations. Notary’s seal confirms the accuracy of all the data indicated in a document, excluding a double interpretation. This helps to avoid possible trials, including litigation. Using the services of a notary public, a person or legal entity prevents the emergence of controversial situations.

General requirements to a notary:

  • юридическое образованиеlegal education
  • знание законодательства Украиныknowledge of Ukrainian legislation
  • наличие действующей лицензииa valid license

This is a specialist of a wide profile, because every day he is faced with land, family, civil law, works with incorporation and financial documents. The duties of a notary include advising clients on obligations and rights, the consequences of compiling and signing documents.

For example, when drawing up a Power of Attorney for an apartment on another person’s behalf, the owner transfers the rights to sell his property. If you draw up a document for an unreliable person, the consequences can be serious. However, the notary does not evaluate the two sides from the point of view of reliability, but only confirms the transparency of paperwork under the law of Ukraine.

Notary Kyiv: prices, services

Need a notary in Kyiv centre? Turn to Yevheniia Anatoliivna Averina. This is a highly qualified specialist. She gained her great experience due to work at the state notary's office, and now Yevheniia has a private notarial practice. Yevheniia Anatoliivna constantly improves her skills in order to maintain her professional approach to work. Notary Yevheniia Averina works with English-speaking foreign citizens, because despite her legal education, she has an English translator diploma.

Notary prices are set individually. Each service has its own tariff, but it depends on the complexity of the task. For example, except the compiled document, the client may require a notarized copy and a certified translation.

The notary's office operates in a client-friendly mode. We have lawyers specializing in a particular field: claiming inheritance, prenuptial agreements, powers of attorney, preparation of applications and more. In our office, you can always get professional advice and the necessary notarial service.


Yevgeniya Anatoliivna Averina

Certificate of the right to carry out notarial activities No. 8829

All types of notarial services!

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