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Documents for an individual: Passport, TIN
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The following data are required: personal data of an individual whose travel is sponsored (full name and date of birth), travel duration, purpose of travel, destination (country).

If you are a student, unemployed, retired or your financial capabilities, as estimated by the embassy, do not allow you paying for your staying abroad in full, you need to execute a sponsorship letter to get a visa.

Usually, the sponsors in such letters are relatives: parents, spouse, siblings.

Please note that some embassies do not accept the sponsorship letters issued by non-relatives.

The sponsorship letter is drawn up as a statement to be signed by the person who provides financial support for your stay abroad.

Such statement includes the following:
  1. Your full name as a person for whom the complete financial support for staying abroad is provided;
  2. Country of stay;
  3. Period of stay.

How can I write a letter of sponsorship?

The letter of sponsorship is drawn up by a notary as an application. For this, a person who guarantees another person financial support while abroad should turn to a notary.

Which passport details should be included in a letter of sponsorship?

The letter of sponsorship contains the details of both the sponsor and the person traveling abroad. You can also specify the data of both domestic and international passports.

How do I translate my letter of sponsorship into English?

You can ask a notary compose and translate a letter of sponsorship, if he/she is a certified translator, or, after drawing up such a letter at a notary, contact a translator or a translation agency.

How long is the letter of sponsorship valid?

A letter of sponsorship for a trip abroad is valid for the entire period of the trip. The travel dates are indicated in an application. A letter of sponsorship bears the form of a notarial statement; we recommend you prepare it closer to the dates of the trip or before applying for a visa.


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