Execution time: 20 minutes
Consultation while executing: free of charge
Notarized copy: 2 copies are included into the cost
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Documents for an individual: Passport, TIN, Marriage certificate
Please note:

The following data should be provided:

  • Full name of the spouse on whom the real estate is or will be registered, his date of birth, TIN
  • Address of the property for the sale/purchase of which the permission is given

Maybe you are willing to sell any property purchased in the period of marriage? In such case, obtaining your spouse’s consent to selling/purchasing realty is an obligatory procedure.

We would like to emphasize that such consent is required both for selling and for purchasing the realty, whereas you spend money acquired in the period of marriage and considered to be joint property of spouses.

The spouse is required to give his/her consent when selling (purchasing) movable or immovable property, e.g. the apartment, house, land plot, vehicle, etc.

Please note that if you are divorced at the moment, and the property was purchased in the period of marriage, you require the spouse’s consent for selling anyway.

If you inherited the property or it was a gift, in such case no spouse’s consent is required for property alienation, whereas it is your own private property.

The spouse’s consent is executed as a respective statement. The statement includes:

  1. Full name of the spouse for whom the consent for selling (purchasing) is granted;
  2. Property to be purchased (sold);
  3. Type of agreement;
  4. Details of the marriage certificate.


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