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Documents for an individual: Passport, TIN, Document/documents to be attached to affidavit
Documents for a legal entity representative: Protocol and order, (or other credentials of a signatory), Articles of association, extract and seal, Passport and TIN of a signatory, Document/documents to be attached to affidavit
Documents for a natural person-entrepreneur: Passport, TIN, Extract from the legal entities register, Document/documents to be attached to affidavit
Please note:

An affidavit with attachments can be signed only by the individual/legal entity who issued the document or in whose name it was issued. 

What is Affidavit in Ukraine?

Affidavit is often called differently, so the meaning of this legal term is not widely known. Although in some cases, this document may be required by the authorities of other countries.

Notarized affidavit is an official document that a person draws up, setting out certain facts, which is then sworn before a notary public. If there are documents that confirm the mentioned fact, they are attached to the form.

Affidavit is drawn up when it is impossible in another way to prove certain data or documents that prove it is not accepted for legalization in the official authorities of Ukraine (Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Notarizing an Affidavit

Having a full package of documents speeds up the notarial process. The Agency specialists check the availability of all documents, as well as the authenticity of the owner’s signatures. You should note that the responsibility for the facts lies with the person who claims their authenticity. Drawing up an Affidavit, a notary only confirms the authenticity of that person’s signature. The person is fully responsible for false statements.

What facts does Affidavit in Ukraine confirm?

Foreign authorities may demand from a foreign citizen a document confirming that the person is not married, that the passport belongs to him/her. Affidavit makes it possible to legalize medical certificates (about vaccinations, sick leave), protocols and other data that cannot be officially registered in accordance with international rules. In this case, an Affidavit from a notary public in Ukraine will help to confirm important facts.

Using the procedure, you can legalize the certificates of organizations, forms that are not accepted in other authorities. A swear will also help to restore the lost foreign passport of a foreign citizen. This notarized document will confirm the data and facts that cannot be proved in any other way.

For example, if a person is not married, the absence of a stamp in the passport does not confirm this fact. A person should swear that he/she is not officially married before a notary public. Such a document is necessary for the Ukrainians who plan to get married in another country.

It may also be necessary to obtain an official form with certain data for treatment, employment, and reissuing documents in return for the lost ones. The presence of affidavit provides further processing other documents and passing official procedures laid down by another state.

How can I get an Affidavit?

Affidavit shall be drawn up by a notary. The Notary office specialists will answer your questions and tell you which documents are required in your case.

Notaries have the authority to draw up an affidavit (Kyiv). The lawyer acts within the limits of Ukrainian legislation. The application form is filled out with the data of the person who signs the document. It is important to place a full name, place of residence; in some cases a person can specify his/her phone number. The necessary facts are indicated further in the text of the document. The signature and date are placed below.

The text is in Ukrainian. If the paper is required to be presented in another country, a translation is made into the national language of the state where the person is heading. Confirmation of the facts takes place under swear. Additional documents are attached above the Affidavit form.

A feature of this procedure is that with its help it is possible to legalize certificates and documents where there are no seals and signatures. If an Affidavit is drawn up to confirm the passport ownership, instead of an identity certificate, notarized copies of the pages are attached to the form. If it comes for any medical certificates, copies or their original are attached.

Affidavit is also issued for documents of commercial companies and public organizations. In this case, an authorized person of the company appears before the notary public. The rest of the procedure is similar to that for an individual. Further legalization takes place according to international requirements.

Reissuance of documents that were lost in another country is performed through the process of drawing up an Affidavit under swear. Such a mechanism is used both for Ukrainians and foreign citizens. The application is made at a notary in Kyiv or another city at the place of residence or stay of the person. In this case, a person receives an official document, certified by a notary’s signature. Further actions are carried out in accordance with the law.

Be sure to make the entire package of documents in advance.


How can I draw up an affidavit?

Notaries in Kyiv and Ukraine have the authority to draw up an affidavit. It is enough to turn to a public or private notary. Provide your passport, TIN and documents that confirm the necessary facts.

How can I get an affidavit?

In Ukraine, according to the law, an affidavit is drawn up by a notary. A statement (affidavit) will be drawn up, mentioning certain facts, confirmed by the person who signs the affidavit.





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