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If you have to hear a strange and unknown word “affidavit”, it means that you need a document intended to be used abroad.

“Affidavit”means a statement, in which you, under an oath, confirm certain facts (the absence of marital relations, the authenticity of your passport or signature etc.) for the purpose of the use abroad and for producing to foreign authorities.

An affidavit is executed in the Ukrainian language on a special standard notarial form and may be attached with notarised copies of the documents to which it refers.

At your option, the text of the affidavit may be translatedinto another language (Russian or English). In this case, the form will be conditionally divided into two columns by a vertical line. The text on the left side will be in the Ukrainian language and the text on the right side will be its translation.

Note that the notary bears no responsibility in case you provide incorrect information in the text of the affidavit; the notary does not certify the facts stated in the text, but only confirms that the signature affixed on the affidavit is yours.

List of documents necessary to execute an affidavit:

  1. your passport and registration number of the taxpayer’s record card (used to be known as the individual tax number);
  2. documents which will be mentioned in the text of the affidavit
    For example, a divorce certificate or a court decision on termination of a marriage, if you need to prove the fact that you were officially married, but now you are absolutely free to conclude a new marriage; your international passport, other documents, depending on the contents of the facts mentioned in your affidavit.


частного нотариуса Киева Евгении Авериной

Какие сроки установлены для составления аффидевита о том, что я не замужем, и какие документы мне нужны для этого?

Вопрос от: Мария
Ответила: Евгения Аверина
Дата вопроса: 20.01.2016
Дата ответа: 20.01.2016

Аффидевит о том, что Вы в настоящее время не состоите в браке, будет составляться в течение 30 минут с того момента, как Вы в назначенное время придете к нотариусу. Для этого Вам при себе необходимо иметь: паспорт и регистрационный номер учетной карточки плательщика налогов (ранее известный как ИНН), Ваше свидетельство о разводе или, как вариант, решение суда, принятое по Вашему бракоразводному процессу в том случае, если Вы ранее состояли в браке.


We provide all types of notarial services!


  • Power of attorney for a sale
  • Power of attorney for a motor vehicle
  • General power of attorney for a motor vehicle
  • Power of attorney for an apartment
  • Power of attorney for management of a bank account
  • Power of attorney for use of a bank safety deposit box
  • Power of attorney for receipt of money
  • Power of attorney for representation of interests before the Deposit Insurance Fund
  • Formalisation of an inheritance
  • Formalisation of an inheritance in Ukraine
  • How to formalise an inheritance
  • Cost of formalisation of an inheritance
  • Terms for coming into an inheritance
  • Documents for an inheritance
  • Statement of an inheritance
  • Statement of an inheritance right
  • Coming into an inheritance
  • Waiver of an inheritance
  • Default of a term for acceptance of an inheritance
  • Certificate of an inheritance
  • Inheritance according to a last will and testament
  • Formalisation of a last will and testament
  • Notarisation of last wills and testaments
  • Registration of realty and titles
  • Extract from the Register of Realty Titles
  • Extract from the Register
  • Translation of documents
  • Certification of a translator’s signature
  • Notarised translation
  • Apostilisation of documents
  • Legalisation of documents with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Legalisation with consular agencies
  • Agreement for rent of a motor vehicle
  • Agreement for purchase and sale of a motor vehicle
  • Mortgage agreement
  • Pledge agreement
  • Loan agreement
  • Child’s departure abroad (for permanent residence)
  • Permits for a child’s departure
  • Statement of a child's departure abroad
  • Permit for execution of a child’s international passport
  • Affidavit
  • Certificate of marital status
  • Statement of financing a trip abroad
  • Letter of financial support
  • Invitation of a foreign citizen to Ukraine
  • Spouse’s consent to selling/purchasing realty
  • Permit for registration of other persons at one’s own apartment/house
  • Statement of acceptance of an inheritance
  • Statement of waiver of an inheritance


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