Правильное приглашение иностранного гражданина на территорию Украины

How and where should I draw up a letter of invitation for an international visitor?

If you are shortly going to invite a person from another state to the territory of Ukraine, you may have certain difficulties. Ukraine has visa regulations for the vast majority of countries. Therefore, to enter our country, most likely, you need a visa. Obtaining this permit is a separate matter. However, you should know that it will be issued much faster if the letter of invitation to the territory of Ukraine for an international visitor is correctly drawn up.

Like any other process associated with the receipt and submission of certain documents, this also requires patience. If you decide to undergo the procedure yourself, brace for spending a lot of time. You will have to await your turn to be served in various offices for long and it is far from certain that you will succeed. Even more, if you try to execute a paper by your own efforts, its issuance period will be very long. You may need to wait about a month. Such scenario will hardly suit anyone.

Fortunately, now there are many ways to get an invitation as soon as possible. This refers to special companies and notaries engaged in the provision of legal services. One of them is precisely the invitation of foreigners. If you turn to such firms, you can save yourself from waiting in lines and so on.

The specialists carry out the procedure as quickly as possible. In most cases, it is possible to receive an invitation after a week. Such speed attracts people, so they are turning to such firms with increasing frequency. By the way, the clients can order completely different types of documents. It is about tourist, guest, work and business options.

Features of the proper invitation execution

To formalize the above paper, you need only one document. This is a copy of your passport, as well as information about the expected period and place of stay of the person who arrives in Ukraine. It should be understood that if you are a legal entity, then most likely you will need a number of documents and certificates. At any rate, it is better to contact special companies and order an invitation processing service from them. Otherwise, you will have to find out what papers need to be additionally submitted on your own.

If you really want to draw up the document correctly, then start collaborating with qualified specialists who will instantly give you all the necessary forms. All you need is to fill them in and wait to obtain the paper. Conscientious employees always make sure that the package of documents has been built up properly, because otherwise the invitation may be simply refused..

As you can see, the above document, on the one hand, is not so difficult to draw up, but on the other hand, when you come across this process, you will understand that it’s better to pay a little money and entrust such serious and important work to the professionals who are versed in this sphere.