сделать генеральную доверенность на продажу

Sample of a general Power of Attorney for the right to sell an apartment: tips and rules

Sometimes the owners cannot be engaged in selling an apartment on their own, which is why they have many worries. Usually, people prefer to make a general power of attorney for one of their relatives or close friends in order to shift all the troubles onto their shoulders. It may be risky, however when there are no other solutions, you can save many efforts by entrusting the right to represent your interests to another person. To carry out the procedure correctly, it is necessary to have a sample of the general Power of Attorney for the right to sell an apartment.

Content of a general Power of Attorney

The general Power of Attorney often includes the following clauses allowing you to define the legal boundaries:

  1. Date, place of conclusion of the agreement, which resulted in the necessity for drawing up this document. Such information should be accurately specified so that there are no problems when the Power of Attorney is certified by a notary, as well as when calculating the period during which the document is valid.
  2. Personal details and the details of each of the parties. It is necessary to indicate all important information in order to avoid further discrepancies. If you fill in this information correctly, you can guarantee that the range of actions listed in the document is limited to the wishes of the apartment owner.
  3. The exact address, distinctive features and full information about the apartment, with the use of which the transaction is planned. If it is necessary to sell only a part of the living space, this should be indicated in the document.
  4. Actions that the representative is able to perform on behalf of the apartment’s owner without encumbrance. Care must be taken to establish clear boundaries.

How can a document be drawn up?

In order not to become a victim of fraud or deception on the part of the representative, you should meet the trouble of making the document content halfway. If you spell out the powers correctly, clarify personal details, you can completely protect yourself by successfully using the services of another person. If you want to delegate all rights when selling an apartment, you should early indicate in the document the possibility of receiving funds by an authorized person if a transaction is successful.

Regardless of whether the parties decide to discuss all the rights and obligations, arising from them, or whether they limit themselves to their standard range, this document sets out the term for which the Power of Attorney is valid. You need the signature of the owner, as well as notarization, which must be performed when signing the agreement. If you do not know for sure whether you need a certain paragraph in the paper, you can consult a notary. A specialist will help you to protect your rights to the full extent.