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Documents for an individual: Passport, TIN
Please note:

You should know the full name of the person for whom the will is drawn up, his/her date of birth and TIN (it’s better to have a copy of passport with you in order to correctly indicate the data in the text of the will)

Formalisation of a last will and testament

Every person may draw up a last will and testament at notarial office, which means to determine his/her heir in advance and decide on the future of all the property remaining after his/her death.

A testator may write a last will and testament by him/herself and visit a notary to notarise this document afterwards, or draw up this document directly at a notary’s office. In case you need to draw up a last will and testament and there is no notary around, a last will and testament may be certified by the following persons:

Testament may be certified by the following persons

  • In settlements — respective municipal authority represented by the authorized official;
  • in hospital, retirement homes — chief physician, deputy chief physician, doctor on duty;
  • in voyages such authorities are vested in a ship captain;
  • in expedition trips — the chief of expedition;
  • for in-place forces, where there are no notaries and authorities nearby that are entitled to similar notarial actions, a last will and testament of militaries, as well as members of their families, is certified by the commanding officer of the military unit;
  • a last will and testament of persons in places of executing punishments, as well as in detention centres — head of the institution.

A last will and testament is always drawn up in written and signed by a testator personally and exclusively; therefore, the presence of a testator is a must anyway. There is a type of a secret last will and testament. A testator submits a secret will and testament sealed in an envelope to a notary; and then this envelope is signed by a testator personally, signed and sealed by a notary. A notary puts this envelope in another envelope in the presence of a testator and seals it. When an inheritance case is opened, a notary sets a date for opening a last will and testament and then opens an envelope in the presence of heirs.

Please remember that a testator has a right to withdraw a last will and testament in full or draw up a new one at his/her own discretion, which may cancel a previous one, partially or in full.


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