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Required documents: Documents certifying your identity, Original document, a copy of which you are going to certify
Please note:

The owner of the document, the copy of which is certified, should not necessarily be present.

If the document consists of several sheets, they should be numbered, bound and sealed.

You can not certify copies of all the documents.

What does it mean to notarize an extract?

The photocopied extract (also referred to as the excerpt) is a type of copy, namely the notarization of photocopy of certain pages of a document.

In our everyday activities we may encounter the necessity to notarize copies of a document. However, it is possible to notarize not the whole document, but only the extract of certain pages of the document. It happens sometimes that there is no need to notarize a copy of the whole document, so the option of notarizing several photocopied pages is provided for by the law.

The service of notarization of photocopied extract is widely used when notarizing certain pages of passport or labour record, when document includes empty pages and their notarization makes no sense. Pay attention that the notarization of the photocopied extract of the labour record is possible on condition when the last record in this document is the record on discharge; and the notarization of photocopied extract from passport requires the notarization of the last page which bears the record on revoking a passport if this is the case.

There are no differences in notarization of copies or photocopied extracts. The document is to include the obligatory details: the name of issuing authority, number and the date of issue, and is to be presented on the letterhead of approved form, if necessary. The document is to be signed by the authorized person, issuing the document, and sealed (if available).

The notary shall have no right to notarize the extract photocopy of certain pages of a document written with a pencil, with erasures, additions, improperly executed corrections, crossed out words. The document must bear clearly stated and legible text with accurate stamped impression of the seal (if available).

If the document complies with all requirements and its extract may be photocopied, the notary attaches the notarization of acknowledgement, where the numbers of notarized pages is stated, records the registration number, and if the document includes two or more sheets, numbers, sews and securely binds such sheets. Consequently, the notarized document is sealed and signed by the notary.





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