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Ukrainians often travel abroad not only for recreation, but also for work, business, and study. When addressing personal or professional matters in another country, a person needs properly prepared documents. In order to submit papers to official institutions, it is necessary to make them valid.

Most countries have signed the Hague Convention, which facilitates the legalization of documents. Due to this, affixing an Apostille is enough to submit official papers.

What is an Apostille?

Apostille is a stamp placed by the competent authorities. This stamp certifies the signatures and credentials of the officials who issued the document. Apostillation makes certificates and references valid in other countries. Having received the appropriate stamp, a person does not have to turn to the consulate for additional certification.

Where to get an Apostille for documents in Ukraine?

Until 2020, a simplified legalization procedure (apostillation) could be undergone only in 3 government agencies:

  1. inistry of Science and Education (diplomas, certificates of secondary education, and other certificates and documents);
  2. Ministry of Justice (notarial, justice authorities and court documents);
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (health certificates, tax statements, certificates of good conduct, documents issued by archives).

Since March 7, 2020, the procedure for affixing an Apostille has changed. Under current law, you can now get a stamp on a number of documents at a notary public. The order provides for the public and private specialists to carry out this procedure.

Apostille for notarial documents

On March 7, an order of the Ministry of Justice took effect, which facilitates and expedites apostillation for Ukrainians. According to the decree of the executive agency, a notary can now affix an Apostille to your documents.

The documents to be drawn up by a notary public:
  • Apostille for notarial documents;
  • Apostille for documents issued by Civil Status Registration Office (birth, marriage, death certificates);
  • Apostille for court documents.

Please note that the notary does not affix an Apostille to documents from the police, pension fund, tax office, and the Ministry of Education. The stamp on these documents is still placed in the relevant ministries.

To get an Apostille for an application, affidavit and other documents, you can turn to the Agency’s notary Yevheniia Anatoliivna Averina. The office is located in the heart of Kyiv, next to Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station. To get an Apostille affixed, you just have to present the original document or draw it up at the Agency (for notarial documents).

This procedure will expedite the preparation of documents necessary for a person to submit to foreign authorities. Now there is no need to go to one agency after another. Get an Apostille at a notary in Kyiv.


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