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Professional notarization of a general power of attorney at the notarial office of Yevgeniya Averina

Many people apply recently to the notaries with a request to assist in formalization of so called “power of attorney for everything”. First, let’s define what kind of document is this and what does it mean. It should be emphasized that the current legislation does not define such notion as a general power of attorney . In 95% of cases such document represents an instrument that grant a wide range of powers to a defined person.

A general power of attorney includes the following:

  • Order, possession of real estate (apartment, land plot, other premises). Such power of attorney allows a person to sell, present, lease out, or exchange real estate, or defines explicit list of powers within which a person can act.
  • Order, possession of a car. Such power of attorney includes the powers to drive and dispose of a motor vehicle.
  • Legal entity management. In this case a person is entitled to sign agreements, statements, represent interests of an organization in various companies, institutions, before other entities, dispose of the company’s property, etc.
  • Representation in any company, enterprise, institution, etc.

Nuances of a general power of attorney

A general power of attorney (Ukraine) may transfer powers either to a certain person or a group of persons, who may act independently from each other. This document includes the following information on an attorney: Full name, registered place of residence; sometimes passport information and individual taxpayer’s number (also known as taxpayer’s card) are also required. All the information stated above is submitted to a notary.

If we deal with a power of attorney for a car, certificate of vehicle registration (technical certificate) should be available. It happens that a car is bought on credit. In such case you need to obtain a special permit from a bank for formalisation of such document.

Therefore, the notarial office of Yevheniya Averina offers the services of formalisation and notarisation of such power of attorney. We offer rather affordable price of a general power of attorney, so please do not hesitate and apply to our office right away. We ensure that our professionals will use their best endeavours, expertise and legal knowledge. Good luck!


We provide all types of notarial services!


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  • Extract from the Register
  • Translation of documents
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  • Legalisation of documents with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Legalisation with consular agencies


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