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A power of attorney for a car is the most widely spread power of attorney today. For example, a power of attorney for driving a car, but this not the only power that may be granted to a third person. A person indicated in the document will be entitled to dispose of the said car within the scope of given powers.

Various types of a power of attorney for a car

There are several types of powers of attorney:

  • General power of attorney covers the largest scope of powers from driving to representation of interests in various institutions and sale of a vehicle owned by a grantor.
  • For driving..
  • For striking off the register..
  • For disposal (including a right to sell).
  • Other types.

Procedure of formalisation of a power of attorney for a car

A power of attorney for driving a car may be notarised at the notarial office. You should provide a notary with the following information to formalise this document:

  • On an attorney (full name, place of residence, passport information, sometimes a taxpayer’s card number may be required). ;
  • On a vehicle (year of manufacture, make, number, technical certificate data, vehicle identification number).

Documents required for formalisation of a power of attorney vary subject to on behalf of whom it is formalised. Documents required to formalise a power of attorney on behalf of a legal entity:

  • Statutory documents (articles of incorporation, charter, memorandum of association).
  • Certificate of a code assignment for an attorney.
  • Certificate of the state registration or an excerpt (extract) from the register.
  • Passport of a manager/representative of an organization or documents that confirm his/her powers (protocol on assignment to a position, signed by the general meeting, order of assignment).

To formalise a document on behalf of a natural person, a notary shall be provided with the following:

  • • Passport
  • • Certificate of birth (if a minor’s rights are dealt with)
  • • Registration number of the taxpayer identification card
  • • If a minor acts as a grantor — adults’ (parents’) permit or permit issued by a fiduciary authority.

If all the required documents are available, a power of attorney for a car is formalised rather quickly. To facilitate the process, a grantor and an attorney should think on the rights stipulated by the document beforehand. Notarisation of a power of attorney is as simple as ABC: you may do this in Kyiv downtown, at the notarial office of Yevheniya Averina. Do you have any further questions?


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