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Documents for an individual: Passport, TIN, NB: Original vehicle registration certificate
Documents for a legal entity representative: Protocol and order, (or other credentials of a signatory), Articles of association, extract and seal, Passport and TIN of a signatory, NB: Original vehicle registration certificate
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An attorney (the one to whom the power of attorney is drawn up) does not have to be present! Only his data is required: full name, registration address, TIN, date of birth, passport details (if necessary).

Buying a car is a serious and necessary step for most Ukrainians. When purchasing a motor vehicle, most citizens plan to use it with their family and friends. It has to be known that legally the car belongs to one person. In order for another person to use the vehicle within the law, it is necessary to issue a motor vehicle power of attorney.

This document indicates that a driver drives the car with the knowledge of its owner. This procedure allows to protect the rights of the owner, and also makes it possible to dispose the vehicle. The law enables you to transfer the rights for a car to other people by issuing a power of attorney.

What types of motor vehicle powers of attorney are there in Ukraine?

The types of powers of attorney vary depending on the rights that are applied to the agent. That’s why, the document may have different purposes. There may be the following types:

  1. A power of attorney to drive a motor vehicle.
  2. De-registration permit.
  3. General power of attorney.

Immediately after buying a car, it’s worth thinking about the document. It will allow you to quickly resolve all issues and avoid problems. You should also understand what rights are transferred to another person on your behalf.

A power of attorney to drive a motor vehicle: major points

In terms of jurisprudence, a power of attorney to drive a motor vehicle is a vehicle owner’s written consent, given to another person to use the car. By obtaining this right from the owner, a person can legally get behind the wheel, to drive the vehicle and perform other actions related to the daily use of this property.

A power of attorney to drive a motor vehicle can be executed by hand on a regular sheet of paper or on a special form. At the moment, the legal execution of the document is not mandatory if the transfer of the right to drive a motor vehicle is provided.

If the power of attorney has something to do with a minor child, the child’s birth certificate is required, as well as permission from his/her parents, if a person acts as a principal.

A power of attorney to drive a motor vehicle requires providing the notary with information about the attorney. For this, you need a passport (passport data), and sometimes a taxpayer’s number. If all the documents are available, the notary draws up the power of attorney quickly enough in Ukraine.

What is a general motor vehicle power of attorney?

The general power of attorney is a document that covers the maximum number of powers. The attorney is not only granted with the right to drive a car, but he/she also represents the owner’s interests in various institutions.

Any rights transferred to a second party are determined by the owner-principal. The notary confirms the transfer and distribution of the rights to another person. In the power of attorney, you can specify the following rights:

  • to drive a vehicle;
  • receipt, submission of documents related to the vehicle, as well as the ability to affix a signature if necessary;
  • filing applications on behalf of the owner;
  • representation of the interests of the owner in the car inspection, insurance companies, auto services companies and other institutions;
  • parking choice;
  • representation of the owner’s interests in the courts;
  • purchase and sale of a vehicle.

Both transaction parties should take the last point seriously. If the motor vehicle is sold by the power of attorney, it is important that the buyer de-register the vehicle in his/her own name. If he/she doesn’t do this, there are certain risks for everyone. So, the fines or lawsuits on road accidents can be received by the first owner. Also, in the event of the premature death of the first owner, the buyer runs the risk of not having time to de-register the vehicle. In this case the ownership passes to the first owner’s heirs.

In order to provide for all the subtle aspects in drawing up a motor vehicle power of attorney under Ukrainian law, consult a notary.

How long is the power of attorney to drive a motor vehicle valid in Ukraine?

In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, the document’s expiry date is determined by the principal. It is not limited to any period of time. Before drawing the document up, you should think about what rights an agent is worth assigning, as well as for how long to provide any given rights. A motor vehicle power of attorney can be issued for a long time. And as far as a general power of attorney is concerned, it’s worth taking the terms of its validity seriously. In the event of the owner’s death, such a power of attorney automatically expires.


How to execute the Authorization to drive a motor vehicle?

Authorization to drive a motor vehicle is issued by a notary. In this case, the presence of the owner of the car is important, while the presence of the one who is empowered by the Authorization is not necessary.

How to confirm the Authorization’s to drive a motor vehicle authenticity?

For confirming the notarial documents’ authenticity, there is a service called the Unified Register of Special Forms of Notarial Documents, which is available on the website of the State Enterprise “National Information Systems”. However, there will be no information that is contained in the text of Authorization. To find it out, you should contact the same notary who issued the Authorization. In this case, the presence of the principal at the notary’s office is obligatory.

What documents are required for the Authorization’s to drive a motor vehicle?

Individuals provide a passport, TIN and a vehicle registration certificate. The agent does not need to be present at the notary's, his/her personal data is enough.


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