Execution time: 20 minutes
Consultation while executing: free of charge
Notarized copy: 2 copies are included into the cost
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Documents for an individual: Passport, TIN
Documents for a legal entity representative: Protocol and order, (or other credentials of a signatory), Articles of association, extract and seal, Passport and TIN of a signatory
Please note:

An attorney (the one to whom the power of attorney is drawn up) does not have to be present! Only his data is required: full name, registration address, TIN, date of birth, passport details (if necessary).

Did you ever have a situation when you had no opportunity to receive your documents? You can, but don’t want to waste your time in long lines at governmental institutions? In such case you need to formalise a power of attorney for receipt of documents.

A power of attorney for documents should include a specific document to be received by your attorney and an authority to be applied to.

A power of attorney for receipt of documents states the information on an attorney (full name and registered place of residence; passport details of an attorney and registration number of the taxpayer identification card (formerly called individual taxpayer number) may be additionally indicated); therefore, to notarise a power of attorney for receipt of documents, you need to provide a notary with such information.

We recommend to notarise several copies of a power of attorney right after its original notarisation because an attorney may require them to exercise his/her powers. One copy of a power of attorney you must keep for yourself, whereas if you want to cancel this power of attorney, it would be easier for a notary to find it in the Register of powers of attorney and make a record on cancellation.

According to a power of attorney, you may transfer your powers either to one or several persons who will act independently and regardless of each other.

It is important to define the scope of powers that you are going to transfer to your attorney under a power of attorney for documents.



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