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Documents for an individual: Passport, TIN, If an individual has been married before, a divorce certificate/court decision is required
Please note:

Most often, the Certificate of no impediment to marriage is submitted abroad and therefore if you wish we can indicate your passport for traveling abroad.

You should sign this document personally; it cannot be drawn up by power of attorney or a relative.

Certificate of no impediment to marriage

Citizens of Ukraine who want to get married in the territory of another state should confirm single status. The absence of passport records on marital status is not a confirmation. A person needs a notarized certificate of no impediment to marriage. Civil Status Registration Offices do not issue such a document.

Certificate that I am not married: how to get it?

This document is drawn up at a notary's office. The peculiarity of the procedure is that a person writes an application stating that he/she is not married (is single). A notary confirms this fact by making the document official. Such an application can be submitted to foreign authorities to confirm the absence of official marital relationships.

The certificate is issued only before the person who needs it. For this, the person has to come to the notary's office with identity documents. The notary identifies the person and offers to fill out an application on the official form. Then the notary confirms the authenticity of the signature.

An alternative name for the document is affidavit. Affidavit of single status is given under oath. This is essentially an application, a complete statement in which a person assumes responsibility for the facts specified. This kind of a paper is required in a number of countries, for example, in Germany. That’s why, before collecting papers for marriage, we recommend clarifying which certificates are required by foreign authorities.

Another caveat: if you draw up a certificate for going abroad, you need a translation. All official documents in Ukraine are compiled in the state language. At a notary public, you can draw up a certificate with a translation into another language.

If you have all the documents, there is an opportunity to make a certificate of no impediment to marriage in 30 minutes. The notarial service takes a minimum of time, but requires personal attendance. To pass the procedure quickly, we recommend that you consult with the notary's office employees by phone. The lawyers will help you to determine the document type, as well as prepare it in proper languages.

Remember that a notary only records the facts a person claims. Only the person for whom the certificate is issued is responsible for incorrect information. After writing the application, the notary authenticates signature in the citizen’s passport. The finished document is certified by the notary’s signature and seal. Such documents should be submitted to foreign state organizations; they give the right to enter into an official marriage with a foreign citizen in the territory of his/her residence.


How long is notarial certificate of no impediment to marriage valid?

A certificate of no impediment to marriage is valid until the moment the marital status of a person changes. However, the authorities of different countries have their own rules for such documents validity. Before drawing up a certificate stating that you are not married, please refer to the requirements of the receiving authority in advance.

Where can I get a certificate of no impediment to marriage for marriage to a foreigner?

If you are planning to get married abroad, you will need a certificate stating that you are not married (the so-called certificate of no impediment to marriage). This document shall be drawn at a notary’s.





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