Execution time: 20 minutes
Consultation while executing: free of charge
Notarized copy: 2 copies are included into the cost
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Documents for an individual: Parent’s passport, Parent’s TIN , Child’s/children’s birth certificate(s)
Please note:

The following data are required: a person with whom a child goes abroad (full name and date of birth), travel duration, purpose of travel, destination (country).


Under Ukrainian law, a minor child can travel abroad accompanied by parents or other persons who have reached the age of 18. There is a restriction that prevents the smuggling of children. A minor can only travel with parents unless there are additional permissions.

Moreover, if only one parent goes on vacation or with another purpose with his/her daughter or son, he/she needs a consent to take a child abroad from the second spouse. This procedure is also relevant for relatives of the child, teachers, trainers, representatives of travel agencies and other accompanying persons.

Parents' consent to take a child abroad: price of the service

Registration of an application should take place at the notary public’s office. The notary checks the documents, confirms the validity of the document being prepared. If the consent is given by 2 parents, it is possible to draw up one application from 2 persons. Sometimes, 2 documents are possible from a mother and a father. Such a procedure is acceptable if both parents are only able to give their consents independently.

A price of notarized parents' consent to take a child abroad is determined within the established tariff. The cost of the services of a private specialist does not affect the processing the document. All actions take place under the legislation of Ukraine.

For a notarized application for going abroad the following data are required:

  1. Travel destination, or the route, if visit to several states is planned;
  2. Duration of travel abroad;
  3. Full name and other data of a person, with whom a child goes abroad.

A cost of notarized parents' consent to take a child abroad: prices in Kyiv

According to Ukrainian law, a notary public forms prices privately. A specific rates is set for each service. The cost of documents may vary depending on the case, individual circumstances.

The price for the service of notarized parents' consent to take a child abroad is fixed. You can find out the rate at the consultation stage. The notary will notify you what other papers are necessary to complete the document, and also tell you how much this service will cost.

An application may be required not only at the border, but when applying for a visa. Most often, consulates do not return certificates and other documents submitted for obtaining a visa. So, you should write an application in 2 copies right away so that one consent copy remains with the parent or accompanying person.

The details of drawing up the parents' consent to take a child abroad, the cost of a service, documents required, who should be present in the notary's office can be found by phone. The notary public Yevheniia Anatoliivna Averina will help to correctly execute a statement within the law.



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