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A purchase and sale of realty is, undoubtedly, a very serious event in your life. Many of us treat a purchase or a sale of our realty with special scrupulosity and care.

Some of us have always been dreaming to build a house and to live as far from noise and business hurry-scurry as possible, preferably in the country.

“Land plot” means part of a land surface having clear boundaries and its own cadastral number.

Currently, all agreements for purchase and sale of realty shall be notarised, which secures their legality. Today, a notary, when certifying an agreement for purchase and sale of a land plot, at the same time registers the new owner’s property right with the State Register of Property Rights. It means that when you leave the notary’s office, you are already a rightful owner of the land plot. To establish the fact of the absence of any restrictions (encumbrances) on the land plot to be sold, the seller must provide the notary with an extract from the State Land Cadastre.

When certifying an agreement for purchase and sale, a notary checks all documents submitted to conclude the agreement, any bans or prohibitions on the alienation of the land plot, the validity of the power of attorney (in case the agreement is concluded by an attorney).

Note that if a land plot has been owned by the seller for over three years and the sale of this land plot is a first sale of realty during the year, the income resulted from the sale is tax-exempt.

Documents required for the execution of an agreement for purchase and sale of a land plot in Ukraine:

  1. passports and registration numbers of the taxpayer’s record card (used to be known as the individual tax number) of the parties to the agreement, or birth certificate for an underage person, in case he/she is involved in the deed;
  2. documents confirming the property right for the land plot (for example, the state act for the land plot, the certificate of the property right or the certificate of inheritance rights, as well as the agreement for purchase and sale / gift agreement / exchange agreement / life estate agreement etc.);
  3. if there are any underage persons act as parties to the agreement, than to conclude the agreement, you will need a permit issued by the respective wardship and guardianship authority (if an underage person is a party to the agreement, you will also need his/her parents’ consent so that he/she could sign the agreement);
  4. report on the expert evaluation of the cost of the land plot;
  5. extract from the State Land Cadastre;
  6. if the realty was purchased during the period of the marriage which is currently terminated, or if the buyer is married, than the notary should be provided with the spouse’s consent to the conclusion of the agreement, the marriage certificate or the court decision with regard to the divorce proceedings (the divorce certificate);
  7. if the contract is concluded on your behalf by an attorney, the notary should be provided with the respective power of attorney, the passport and the registration number of the taxpayer’s record card (used to be known as the individual tax number) of the attorney.


from Yevgeniya Averina, Notary of Kyiv


We provide all types of notarial services!

    • Power of attorney for a sale
    • Power of attorney for a motor vehicle
    • General power of attorney for a motor vehicle
    • Power of attorney for an apartment
    • Power of attorney for management of a bank account
    • Power of attorney for use of a bank safety deposit box
    • Power of attorney for receipt of money
    • Power of attorney for representation of interests before the Deposit Insurance Fund
    • Formalisation of an inheritance
    • Formalisation of an inheritance in Ukraine
    • How to formalise an inheritance
    • Cost of formalisation of an inheritance
    • Terms for coming into an inheritance
    • Documents for an inheritance
    • Statement of an inheritance
    • Statement of an inheritance right
    • Coming into an inheritance
    • Waiver of an inheritance
    • Default of a term for acceptance of an inheritance
    • Certificate of an inheritance
    • Inheritance according to a last will and testament
    • Formalisation of a last will and testament
    • Notarisation of last wills and testaments
    • Registration of realty and titles
    • Extract from the Register of Realty Titles
    • Extract from the Register
    • Bank signature cards
    • Signature on articles of association
    • Signature on minutes
    • Signatures on other documents, statements
    • Translation of documents
    • Certification of a translator’s signature
    • Notarised translation
    • Apostilisation of documents
    • Legalisation of documents with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Legalisation with consular agencies
    • Agreement for rent of a motor vehicle
    • Agreement for purchase and sale of a motor vehicle
    • Mortgage agreement
    • Pledge agreement
    • Loan agreement
    • Child’s departure abroad (for permanent residence)
    • Permits for a child’s departure
    • Statement of a child's departure abroad
    • Permit for execution of a child’s international passport
    • Affidavit
    • Certificate of marital status
    • Statement of financing a trip abroad
    • Letter of financial support
    • Invitation of a foreign citizen to Ukraine
    • Spouse’s consent to selling/purchasing realty
    • Permit for registration of other persons at one’s own apartment/house
    • Statement of acceptance of an inheritance
    • Statement of waiver of an inheritance





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