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Documents for an individual: Passport, TIN, Notarized power of attorney, if a representative is acting
Documents for a legal entity representative: Legal entity documents (articles of association, extract), Director’s (company authorized representative’s) passport and TIN and documents confirming the director’s authority (order of the director’s appointment, minutes of election of the director), notarized power of attorney, if the authorized person is acting., Seal
Please note:

The Articles of Association should be signed only before a notary public, you cannot sign it in advance and bring it to a notary to certify the signatures on it.

The notarization of signatures by the founders on the company Articles of Association is one of the most widespread notarial procedures. The Articles of Association is a basic document that regulates the incorporation and business activity of the company. This is the basis for the legal entity to conduct its operations. By its purpose, the Articles of Association for a legal entity serves as a passport for a natural person.

For incorporation

To create a legal entity, the founders have to file a set of documents, including the Articles of Association, to the registrar. The Articles of Association is to include the following key information: the name of legal entity (in Ukrainian, Russian, English, to avoid any possible subsequent discrepancies and misinterpretations when translating company documents into foreign languages), the purpose and subject of its activity, composition and competence of management bodies, decision-making procedures, procedure of assets formation, distribution of profit and loss, terms and conditions of reorganization and liquidation.

Certification of signatures to the Articles of Association is one of the mandatory stages. This procedure in Ukraine is performed by a notary public. To do this, the founders submit two copies of the Articles of Association of the legal entity, their passports and registration numbers of the taxpayer identification card (formerly called individual taxpayer number), if founders are the natural persons. If founders are one or multiple legal entities, the required set of documents slightly differs: the total list of documents shall be supplemented with the statutory documents of the founder-legal entity, in particular its Articles of Association, extract on the legal entity registration, minutes of the founding meeting where the founders decided to appoint the manager to his/her position, respective order of such appointment of the manager.


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