Как закрыть ФОП?

What is a Natural Person-Entrepreneur closure?

Now many businesspersons are interested in how to close out a Natural Person-Entrepreneur. It should be noted right away that because of liquidation, a business entity loses its status, and its commercial employment is officially closed. The legislation of Ukraine states that it is possible to close a Natural Person-Entrepreneur on a variety of grounds, but the most popular is the usual lack of desire to continue to carry out this or that business activity. Liquidation of a Natural Person-Entrepreneur goes into effect on the day when certain information enters into the State Register.

It should be understood that closing a Natural Person-Entrepreneur is considered a simpler process than terminating legal entities, but it requires specific legal knowledge as well as time resources. A noteworthy detail is that now this service is considered extremely popular in Ukraine.

The main steps of a Natural Person-Entrepreneur liquidation

When it comes to the Natural Person-Entrepreneur liquidation procedure, it consists of several important steps.

The first step is to apply for the closure of a Natural Person-Entrepreneur to the state registrar. While doing this, except for the application, you have to provide an internal passport. If a representative submits the application, he/she must have a Power of Attorney, which a notary previously certified.

Then the closure decision is published directly in the public register. It should be understood that such information may appear in specialized media, or sent to other government agencies.

The next step involves checking by regulatory authorities and obtaining certificates. For the full closure of a Natural Person-Entrepreneur, you will have to go through several checks at the tax police and other institutions. If violations and underpayments are identified, you will have to make the necessary payments and comply with financial sanctions. Besides, you will have to provide certificates confirming the absence of debts. Actually, a large number of modern companies offer assistance in drawing up and receipt of such certificates.

One of the final steps is the repeated appeal to the state registrar. You will have to wait approximately 2 months from the date of entering the decision to liquidate an entity. It is also worth submitting all certificates that confirm that the person does not have any kind of debt.

The final step is the final closure of a Natural Person-Entrepreneur. The completion of the liquidation is considered official from the moment a notification from a government agency is received.

It should be noted right away that if you want to complete the liquidation procedure as quickly as possible, then you had better prepare a package of necessary documents in advance. This involves accounting reports for the period of activity, the ledger of income and expenditure, acts, contracts and other papers.

Well, closing itself is considered a fairly simple process, but it still takes a significant amount of time. Therefore, it is recommended to contact bona fide companies that will facilitate the liquidation of a Natural Person-Entrepreneur and will allow you to do it in the shortest possible time.