сделать генеральную доверенность на автомобиль недорого

Users very often sell cars. There are several reasons for this, for example, the need for money, the desire to buy a new car, etc. Regardless of the specific reason, it is worth considering the main features of the sale. The procedure for deregistration and re-registration by a new owner is rather lengthy and not the cheapest. Therefore, selling by a Power of Attorney is especially popular. It is somewhat simpler and cheaper. Selling a car under a general Power of Attorney must be formalized correctly. It is very important to turn to an experienced notary.

Features of using a general Power of Attorney for a car

If the people regarding the sale of the car reach an agreement, it must be drawn up in writing. Often the best option is to issue a power of attorney. You can do it in a notary office according to the established rules. You must have some documents with you, including a passport, TIN, as well as documents for a car. During the issuance of a general power of attorney for the sale of a vehicle, both the buyer and the owner must visit the notary.

After completing the document, the agent receives a fairly wide number of rights, including driving a car, signing and submitting documents on behalf of the owner to various institutions, etc. It is possible to obtain certificates and submit them in accordance with basic standards. It is also possible to represent the interests of the owner of a car before different entities, to solve issues of maintenance and insurance, to conclude various contracts and so on. The holder of a Power of Attorney also gets the opportunity to undergo a technical inspection, represent his own interests in court, etc. For this reason, selling a car by general Power of Attorney is regarded as a highly desired service.

In the document, the notary indicates the main data, including license plate number, vehicle manufacture year, series and other details. This format has some nuances. It is advisable to consult a notary about them.

Professional drawing up a Power of Attorney for the sale of a car

In order to avoid any problems, so that the paperwork goes smoothly, it is advisable to contact a reliable notary. This will allow you to settle the key nuances, to understand all the subtleties. It is advisable to understand that such a power of attorney format has certain pitfalls. It is necessary to make sure of the honesty and integrity of the partner in the transaction. This applies to both the purchaser and the seller. Professional drawing up of this documentation format is considered an important nuance. We can prepare a Power of Attorney quickly and efficiently.