сделать генеральную доверенность на автомобиль недорого

It is worth noting the popularity of drawing up a general Power of Attorney among many Ukrainian motorists. Thanks to this document, it is possible, according to a simplified scheme, to organize the sale of a vehicle and, accordingly, its purchase. You can minimize your costs when purchasing a used car. You have to know the main subtle aspects, including the documentation preparation. Due to the request “general power of attorney, car documents” you can find them out in as much detail as possible.

The popularity of issuing a general Power of Attorney

Many people believe that selling through the general Power of Attorney is the most appropriate method in some respects. You can complete a deal quickly and easily, without any particular difficulties. The main thing is to do everything with the help of a qualified notary, who will help you to properly draw up the document, comply with all the rules and respect the key interests of both transaction parties.

Only notary, with both parties present, can draw up the document. The cost of drawing up a document is relatively low. Removal of the car from the register by the owner, as well as registering by the new owner, will cost much more. Especially since more efforts will have to be undertaken for this process.

Having a general Power of Attorney makes it possible to carry out virtually any action with the car. The holder of a Power of Attorney will be able to drive it, sign various applications, undergo maintenance, buy insurance and perform other actions. The Power of Attorney specifies key details of the transaction parties, the car and other subtle aspects.

What documents are required to prepare a general Power of Attorney?

A general Power of Attorney for a car, documents for which it is quite easy to collect, can be the best solution for the majority. If you want to draw up a document quickly, you have to contact a competent experienced notary.

To draw up a general Power of Attorney for a car, you must provide a passport and a TIN. If a minor is involved in the registration, you must use a birth certificate, permission from a trustee or a certain guardianship authority. Such a list of documents is required for individuals. However, sometimes a Power of Attorney for a car is issued for legal entities. In this case, you will need incorporative documents and a passport of this person’s representative.

To prepare a general Power of Attorney for a car, you should have a certificate of registration with you. This is usually a technical passport. The notary enters all information from the received documents into the Power of Attorney. It is important to contact an experienced notary who, thanks to the availability of all the necessary knowledge, will be able to prepare a document legally and quickly enough.