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Documents for an individual: Passport, TIN, Notarized power of attorney, if a representative is acting
Documents for a legal entity representative: Legal entity documents (articles of association, extract), Director’s (company authorized representative’s) passport and TIN and documents confirming the director’s authority (order of the director’s appointment, minutes of election of the director), notarized power of attorney, if the authorized person is acting., Seal
Please note:

The minutes or decision should be signed only before a notary public, you cannot sign it in advance and bring it to a notary to certify the signatures on it.

Since November 2, 2016, amendments were made to the legislation of Ukraine, according to which notarial attestation of signatures on the minutes of the general meeting or the decision of the founder became mandatory.

What is the minutes of the general meeting?

The minutes of the general meeting is a document in which the decisions taken at the meeting of the founders are recorded. Minutes taking allows you to record any changes that occur in a limited liability company (LLC).

When the minutes is required:
  1. change in LLC founding members’ composition;;
  2. change of LLC location;
  3. change of industry type (KVED - Ukrainian Industry Classification System);
  4. change of director.

The minutes is an official way of recording changes and decisions taken internally. Any issues raised at the meeting of the founders can be entered in the minutes. If a company has one founder, a document called the Decision of the Founder can be drawn up.

An important point is the correct preparation of the minutes. Lack of important data may adversely affect litigation. Thus, the document should contain::

  • protocol details: name, index number, company name, date, city, signatures of participants;;
  • names of the meeting participants or a founder (if a Decision is executed);/li>
  • agenda – issues that were submitted for general consideration;
  • decisions taken at the end of the meeting.

The minutes and decision shall have equal legal force. They are applied to the companies with different numbers of founders. For societies with one founder, a decision form is applied, while a structure in which there are several participants shall have the minutes.

What is the significance of the minutes and decision?

The proceedings of the company meeting shall be recorded in the minutes. Decisions made shall be reflected in the document. This gives legal guarantees to all the meeting participants that the approved issues enter into force. For this, the minutes or decision shall be properly executed, and then certified by a notary. From this moment on, the document takes legal force.

What are the risks?

Well-written minutes is a guarantee for all participants in the meeting. There are no risks for the company in this case. But when creating a document, it is important to follow all the rules of paperwork. The official act shall be correctly executed. The document shall contain the details of the company, signatures, and date of the meeting.

What is required for notarization of the minutes or decision?

The meeting of LLC members organization is initiated by the founders. At the event, all present members shall be explained the general rules and responsibilities of the parties. A form shall be prepared for the meeting to draw up the minutes. At the meeting, important questions shall be raised and a vote is being held. All decisions are clearly recorded in the document.

For notary certification of a Decision or the minutes in Kyiv, it is necessary to provide:
  • passports and TINs of all the LLC founders;;
  • the very minutes or decision.

A notary authenticates signatures. From this moment on, all the decisions taken, recorded in the document, are officially valid.


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