Консультация нотариуса Аверина

Execution of documents for foreign countries is a complex and time-consuming procedure in the process of which Ukrainians face with various nuances. For example, a number of documents cannot be legalized with an apostille stamp. However, it is necessary to confirm the authenticity of the document and its belonging to a specific person. What to do in this case?

Draw up an affidavit!

The procedure for issuing an affidavit is provided by the legislation. This is a notarized statement that confirms certain facts. In order to draw up a document you just need to contact a notary and confirm the necessary facts on oath. As evidence to the affidavit, attachments are made in the form of documents or their copies. In some cases, it is necessary to provide originals, in others - copies are sufficient.

With the help of affidavit in Ukraine, it is possible to legalize most of the documents for foreign countries. After an affidavit with the required attachments has been drawn up, it can be submitted for apostille stamping. And this option will be enough for submission documents to the government institutions of other countries.

Where to make an affidavit in Kyiv for execution of an apostille?

The affidavit is drawn up with a notary. The document represents a statement drawn up on a special notarial form. In accordance with the law, it is drawn up in Ukrainian. If necessary, the document can be drawn up in 2 languages with translation into the official language of the country where the person is travelling. In this case, the document must be signed by a translator. The statement is given on oath. Certain facts that the original document confirms are specified in this statement.

Notary Yevgeniya Anatoliivna Averina draws up an affidavit. The procedure is carried out within the law and facilitates the preparation of documents for submission to foreign countries.