сделать генеральную доверенность на квартиру недорого

What the general power of attorney for an apartment looks like

General power of attorney for an apartment is drawn up if the owner cannot be present at the sale on his/her own. His/her travelling may be complicated for some reason. Sometimes people just do not want to go in another country, as it takes a long time to sell a housing, which forces them to take a significant break from their work or spend their vacation. The general power of attorney is drawn up according to the standard scheme; however, the provisions governing its content should be taken into account. Despite the fact that there is no template for this document, there are prescriptions that should be taken into account when drafting it.

Many people want to know what the general power of attorney for an apartment looks like before having it executed.

What should the document contain without fail?

To avoid any problems during the implementation of the transaction, as well as after its completion, it is necessary to indicate the following information in the document clearly:

  1. Date in full format. It is advisable not only to clarify the day when the document was signed, but also the place where this event took place.
  2. The details helping to ascertain the identity of not only the owner of the apartment, but also the authorized person, on whom the further course of the procedure depends.
  3. Information relating to the apartment. Before the sale of an apartment, all the necessary data are collected, so it is quite simple to indicate them in the document.
  4. The period for which the document is provided. Generally, individuals prefer to have a general power of attorney for one year period.
  5. A signature that guarantees that the document is valid.

Additional information

Despite the main list of necessary papers, if a general Power of Attorney is presented, subsidiary but necessary information should be provided:

  1. If the owner has the right to use and dispose of not the entire apartment, but just a share of it, it is necessary to provide a report that all other property owners have been notified of the sale.
  2. Certification that can only be provided by a notary.
  3. Mail notifications informing that other owners have received previously sent notifications.
  4. Refusals that other owners make up themselves. They guarantee that they have no pre-emptive home purchase claims.

General Power of Attorney for an apartment can be drawn up in no special form. There is no clear template. If the owner wants to delegate only part of the powers, he/she should indicate this, indicating the range of actions of his/her representative. Despite the fact that there is no special form to follow, the document should be certified with a notary’s help.