Как оформить генеральную доверенность на квартиру?

General Power of Attorney for an apartment: what is it and what is it necessary for?

In Ukraine, a general Power of Attorney for an apartment is used to provide a specific person with a wide range of legal powers. This document is used for presentation to third parties, and guarantees its owner an opportunity to make certain transactions with the said persons.

The above-mentioned Power of Attorney must be certified in a notary office. Such a document is drawn up on a special form. By the way, the grantor has the right to terminate the agreement under this Power of Attorney any day (even if the paper has not expired yet). To draw up the document as quickly as possible, it is recommended to contact a trusted notary office with a good reputation, for example, to our company.

Features of the document execution

Recently, many people are interested in how to prepare a general Power of Attorney for an apartment. It should be said right away that this document could be drawn up not only for an individual, but also for a legal entity. The only nuance is the following: if several people have their rights for the facility, it is necessary to make a document on behalf of all these persons.

In most cases, such paper is executed for close relatives, but sometimes a stranger acts as another party. In a special form, you should provide information regarding the scope of your representative's rights. Do not worry about the fact that a person will commit fraudulent actions in relation to you, because the document provides for the opportunity to protect yourself by providing a detailed list of actions that such a person can commit. If a close friend or relative acts as a representative, such a list is almost never compiled. After all, the main purpose of the document is to provide the widest range of opportunities to another party.

Then it will be necessary to address a notary and certify the Power of Attorney so that it has legal force. In order for this to proceed as quickly and successfully as possible, everybody must be present, with his or her passports and a number of other documents. Typically, a Power of Attorney is valid for two to three years. This is the final stage of drawing up the document.